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Boring Basel? (I hope not!) - English Forum Switzerland- solongo boring equipment basel switzerland ,Hi All, I have just accepted a job in Basel and must say am a little concerned as to what I am hearing and reading about Basel and Switzerland.Biomechanical Evaluation of Interfragmentary Compression At ,, GS, UE, TN, ML); University of Basel, Cantonal Hospital Baselland, Liestal, Switzerland (KS); , Image Tools , The drill holes were set according to the distance of the plate head locking holes of the 35 , Marsh JL, Slongo TF, Agel J, et al

Treatment of slipped capital femoral epiphysis with a modified Dunn ,

Theddy Slongo , Trauma and Orthopaedics, Department of Paediatric Surgery, University Children's Hospital, Freiburgstrasse CH-3010 Bern, Switzerland

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Switzerland Forums: Switzerland is boring!!!!, I am doing an ,

I hear foreigners constantly complaining about how boring Switzerland is But they all live , I lived in Basel for 2 years and I was glad to leave The reason why.

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