Victoria Memorial Blind School

The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind is a charitable institution dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of the blind

Other than education the blind boys are taught many extracurricular activities to help in their all-round development.

Massage Course
Blind adults are trained in foot and body massage by a qualified teacher with the aim of making them self reliant and independent members of society.

The students are encouraged to participate and learn performing arts like music, dance and drama.

Arts and crafts are also stressed upon for all round development of the students. Regular drawing classes are conducted and crafts such as pottery, clay modelling, candle making, paper-bag making, cane-working and macramé are also taught to the students.

Activities like the Pole Mallakhamb, Rope Mallakhamb, Yoga, Chess, Cricket and other sports are encouraged.
The school also has a well equipped Gym for the physical fitness of the students.

The school has recently introduced photography and encouraged students to overcome their disability. The students of VMS even presented a photo exhibition along with Partho Bhowmick. Partho Bhowmick is the initiator of the ‘Blind with Camera’ project, which culminated in the ‘Beyond Sight’ exhibition. It is a unique exhibition as it opens up our eyes to their world.

The school has also introduced the Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System – The Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program to enhance concentration and memory power and do the toughest arithmetic problem quickly. Some of the students of VMS have even cleared their first level.

How you can help

· U can go n lend yr voice at the recording room by recording stories, course material n various books in english, hindi or marathi.

· U CAN  Read to the students in the library. The students need you to come and read to them their study material as they too give exams and study in schools and colleges like you.

· Volunteer as a helper for art, craft, baking etc. For 2 hrs a week at the mentally challenged school ( Victoria Memorial Learning Centre)

· Organize weekend activities for the kids like; Teach them English , play games, singing , painting etc.

·  Publicizing vm blind schools massage services can help a great deal;

Hey kids why not gift a massage to your parents from them.
· In case you have old story books for children aged 5-15 years and no longer need them and do not know what to do with  them, you can donate them to the blind school.

· The young blind students would love listening to the stories and your contribution will help enrich the school library as  well. It would be great if you could request your friends and relatives to contribute as well.

Contact Victoria memorial school at:-

The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind
Tardeo Road, Mumbai – 400 034.
For telephone enquiries, please call Mr. Ashok Manwar or Ms. Sulabha at (022) 23531236, 23533541 (Fax)
E-mail :