Sanskar India Foundation

Sanskar India Foundation (SIF) is concerned with working for civic, environment, social and health causes. they have various projects towards these objectives.
Sanskar – SIF begun its journey in 2003 with its flagship environment education programme designed especially for school children. This child-friendly programme currently runs in 74 schools in 3 languages in Mumbai. Most of the schools serve children from lower socio-economic classes.
It has launched a number of programmes in schools, universities and eclectic communities. Each programme is thoughtfully designed to cater to the target group.

“tell me and I forget
Teach me and I remember
Involve me and I learn”
-Benjamin Franklin

How you can help
•    You can take part in their Tree Plantation drives ( in 2009 alone, SIF conducted 4 plantation drives in mumbai)
•    Health and environment awareness workshops in slum communities
•    Anti-spitting campaigns
•    Cleanliness Campaigns
•    Give free coaching in Math for underprivileged students
•    Waste to Wealth workshops- volunteer to teach at the workshops conducted by SIF around the city. You can explain to them how big the problem of waste in Mumbai is and teach them the importance of segregating waste(wet and dry)
•    Collect newspaper n supply to them –( they make newspaper bags, with eco-friendly glue and sell them to shops)
•    You can buy or help market gift bags by the ngo (they are trained and paid to make gift bags from hand made paper, which are then hand painted and embellished by volunteers and sold,)

Contact Sanskar India Foundation at:-
Sanskar India Foundation, 503, Jolly Bhavan 1,
New Marine Lines, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020.
Tel: 2207 6097