How to Go About it

There is a list of NGO’s offering different kinds of services and activities.

Like a person fits a NGO, a NGO fits a person …find your match.

When you put your mind to it, you will find that there are just 3 simple steps.


a) I have made it simple and easy for you to choose

Each NGO is unique and needs a different kind of service. Go to the list of NGO’s and pick one that suits your interest.


Go through the activities and offerings of the NGO you have chosen and decide how you would like to help them. Think of activities and interesting things you can teach the children. You can also teach them skills or a language like English.

c) Then just make a call to that NGO or go and visit it.Fix a date and time for when you’d like to volunteer and how.

Now You are ready to offer your voluntary service.


Please blog about your experiences at the NGO’s so that other children get encouraged to lend their services.


You can also make a difference by telling at least 5 other friends of yours about this site and spread awareness about the tremendous work that can be done for children.

You can help the children by buying products they sell and can use your pocket money to buy mom and dad birthday gifts! It will be a unique gift for your mom or dad and also give you satisfaction that you have helped someone in need. This will greatly benefit the children who can enjoy the basic necessities of life due to your help and support.

The process of making products and selling them teaches children to earn their money through hard work. They also learn the value and importance of money through this process.

You can help them by actually getting involved with these children and teach them how to make different products.

Remember the best way to help is by giving your time. Go volunteer and work with the children and for the children.