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This is a call to all of you who care and want to help, but don’t really know how, and where to start from.

Children can make a difference in the lives of children.

This website is a tool for helping NGO’s involved with children.

Through this website, I want to encourage the youth of Mumbai to volunteer for NGO’s and help those who are less-privileged  and less fortunate than we are.

The youth understand and relate to children the best, that is why we are the chosen ones who can make a difference in their dark lives, and help them see the light.

Just show them that you care! Take time out to spend with these children. You can  interact, teach, play or simply spend some quality time with them. There are loads of tips, ideas and suggestions in this site that can help you make a difference in the world.
The time has come for us to give back to humanity….what God has so kindly bestowed upon us.

This site acts as a link between children and youth who want to help and NGO’s that need their help.

This website has been started by me, Sanjana Sanghi a 17 year old girl, to touch the lives of innocent young children. After visiting and talking to many NGO’s I have chosen a few where I think you would enjoy volunteering. These NGO’s have a lot to offer and are in need of YOUNG ENTHUSIASTIC volunteers like YOU!

I want to cultivate a sense of caring towards others in the youth of today.

This in turn will develop a sense of responsibility and fulfillment in you.
It’s made a huge change in my life , how I perceive things and  how I deal with challenges in my life… I hope  that by doing this selfless work, you are able to see a change in your life too! All the very best…. and here’s to a fresh start and new beginnings!
I am always available, in case you require guidance or reach a dead end…drop me a line at …… or email me ….. and I will  be ready and willing to assist you make a difference.

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